3 Ways to Jump Start Your Video Content

von Martina Bolibruchova | Nov 17, 2015


After all, we want to be seen, we all want to let people know that we’re doing a great job. Online video became the best tool to do it nowadays and the reason is very simple: People are the most inclined to believe an advert when they don’t even realise that they are watching one!


From the books and articles that I’ve read about producing amazing video content, is minimal in comparison to what I learned from creating the videos at The Relevent Collective. I think that our three keywords: digital, relevant and encouraging, are something I have in mind as the main drivers when trying to produce the video content as well. Without even realising it, I’ve been following those three keywords all along.

Do you want to know how to do it, too? So let’s have a look at it in depth together:

1. DIGITAL – online content is digital. That’s a fact. Digital content is readily accessible to the entire world via a vast platform of streaming sites.– The most important part to me, however, is the production of the video: it’s easier to produce digital video content than ever before. Take your phone, small camera or the pocket sports cameras like GoPro and just go: find the stories and preserve them as a file forever.

“Martina is often filming while we are not even realising it. She uses those tiny cameras but records great footage with it! This is why we often look very natural in the videos.” – Quote by Caro.


2. RELEVANT – each one of us has something relevant to share. Finding your own topic and transfer your knowledge, entertainment or experience is the best thing you can do. The biggest challenge for anyone is doing this at the same time. Getting self-conscious about yourself or your job and company is tricky. One of my main jobs with The Relevent team is to lift that treasure with you. Authenticity is what counts and that’s also the biggest change in comparison with all the “old school” media. You can watch fashion models having breakfast in pyjamas, chat with Obama or comment on what you think of a new music video, while its main star can reply to you.

No wonder people love online videos: if done right, they provide you useful, informative content, amazing entertainment or authentic news. You have a complete freedom about when and what you want to watch. According to the YouTube statistics presented at a Google event which The Relevent Team attended, it’s not only the case of young people. All the age groups are equally there, watching videos 24/7 (and food videos are winning over gaming or how-to videos!)

“Video content is such a great benefit for our clients. It rises emotions and creates a real connection between companies and their customers. Having short video clips ready to use and spread in very little time is what our clients love so much about it.” – Quote by Caro


You need to find your own voice to be recognised, remembered and re-watched. It has always been a struggle for me when producing videos. I see some very successful YouTube channels, producing content I don’t really enjoy watching, but millions of other people do. Then there are channels with content I consider beautiful and meaningful but they have a smaller amount of subscribers and I’m asking myself – which path should I take?

Even after a few months or years, I’m still concerned that this is a long-distance run. Making online videos is based on learning by doing, personal honesty and activity. Sooner or later, your true voice will stand out and the right audience will find their way to you.


3. ENCOURAGING – did you know that during the last 50 years, the average video shot has shortened from 8-11 seconds to 3-4 seconds? It doesn’t mean that the editors became crazy and they are making the shots shorter and the videos faster; but the viewers got used to it and tend to get bored when it doesn’t have the right flow. With all the online videos, I’m pretty sure the length will become even shorter in the near future. It’s also known science! – that you can transfer more emotions through the faster clips and the right music. Do you think it’s a coincidence that Instagram videos are limited to 15 seconds and Twitter’s Vines are capped at 6 seconds long? Even in this amount of time (which equates to the same average length of a shot in the 1950’s), you can tell amazing stories. People don’t want to spend hours watching videos. Think about it: it’s also about paid data usage on cell phones, short breaks at work or few stops journey on the subway… humanity is accelerating at a fast pace in recent times and modern video content is keeping up with the change! Keep it short, social and most importantly – do it!


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This is why I’m film enthusiast at The Relevent: catching the Stories to be told in moving images in order to move people’s hearts and minds.



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